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In a nutshell

Tower of Mice is a first-person Roguelite with openly randomized levels. The game mixes arena challenges and puzzle levels in scary environments. The game has been influenced by games like Binding of Isaac and Zelda, Breath of the Wild.


Genre: FPS Rougelite horror

Platforms: PC, Early Access, more TBA

Release Early Access 16 oktober 2020

Price: 9.99 €

Full release first quarter 2021

Target future platforms: TBA

File size: ~6 gig

Game modes: Singleplayer, storymode, winstreak mode, solving enigmas (unlockable content).

Early access 7 months. Full release 30 May 2021.


The player gets to take the role of the mouse magician Ria. Her goal is to find the mythical Tower in the forest Abberon, in an adventure told in chapter form. The game takes inspiration from the Roguelite genre. Tower of Mice is designed to be experienced in shorter sessions and the player should always feel that it has made progress. In this genre, we have chosen to focus on stealth and puzzle mechanisms, and design them together with some of the hallmarks of Rougelite genre. This creates variations on the game’s loop, which we believe works well for a scarier theme. After each round, regardless of the result, the player can keep the money and experience points he has collected.

Many of the game’s levels contain random elements and each generator is specially adapted for the different regions. The forest is designed to be chaotic and confusing while the void has a more controlled randomization pattern, all to strengthen the player’s sense of variation. The advantage of using different methods is that our designers can tailor events and link them to interesting stories.

Tower of Mice is released as an Early Access game on Steam. We hope many want to be a part of the game development and provide feedback so that together we can develop the final gaming experience.


Start of Early Access.

Five story chapters
Randomized level generation
Randomized platform levels
Randomized loot
Skill system (new abilities are item drops in-game)
A item shop that use only currency found in-game
Day and night levels
Handcrafted puzzle levels
Randomized enemy encounters
Seven enemy types
Player stealth
Win-streak system
Three save files (risk of reset when the game is 100% complete)”
Original soundtrack composed by Tapani Kronkvist

End of Early Access

* 1 story chapters. (Total 6 chapters)
* 4 types of puzzle levels: Falling floors (story), Twisted forest, The Tower of Sounds & Hunted maze (Story).
* A second secret ending been added.
* 3 story cutscenes.
* Perk system (Enigma) that give permanent buffs and access to new areas.
* The Level system has been redesigned. Players will achieve new levels much faster and can equip magic much sooner.
* New magic books.
* New monsters.
* AI behavior changes.
* New Elite enemy.
* Overhauled combat controls.
* New graphical options and other options for use in-game, like inverted mouse and cursor speed.
* A complete re-balancing of difficulty. The game is more fair in the beginning, but we kept the extreme difficulty in late game.
* More music.
* More SFX.
* Steam achievements.
* A winstreak system that adds new challenges for each successful run. Like harder enemies, more traps and thunderstorms.
* New game +.
* More 2D graphics for UI elements.
* Optimization of every level & systems.
* Finally The Tower can be entered and of course new secrets been added!

Early access milestones:

  • Enigma part 1 (Instance dungeons with random elements) Done!
  • Enigma par 2 + Winstreak system (End game content) part 1. Done!
  • Enigma part 3 + Winstreak system part 2. Done!
  • Winstreak part 3. Done!
  • Steam features (Achievements) Done!
  • Enigma part 4. Done!
  • Enigma part 5. Done!
  • Final story chapter. Done!
  • Story conclusion. Done!

Besides these milestones we will be adding more magic skills, enemies and of course do optimizing. This is something we also want to be community driven. Done!

About Agile Softworks AB

At the time of writing, we are a team of 5 people from Sweden. Our work stands on two legs, one in software development for companies and one in game development. Our work process is based on iterations of several ideas. We never write large design documents but seek fun player experiences by creating smaller games. The ideas that click best in tests are the ones we choose to go into production with. We always make games for the player so our design is always validated with game testing and analysis. Tower of Mice is the company’s first commercial game, but not the company’s first product. Thanks to the team’s versatility, we can cross the line of games and software.

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