Tower of Mice©

This is a Roguelite with randomized content. Choose battles and hide from enemies. Acquire and upgrade magical abilities. Explore a demonic realm that consists of puzzles and randomized platform levels. Reach the mythical tower in the forest and see if the legend of an incredible treasure is true!


Tower of Mice Press kit

Steam Early access release 16 oktober

Take the role as Ria in this Roguelite inspired adventure. Play randomized levels in both night and day-time in the mysterious forest Abberon. Reach the mythical tower that’s said to hold grand treasures. Strategically choose your battles with monsters in closed arenas. Face them in their own world through randomized platform levels. Gain experience that permanently rewards magic points and spend them on new abilities found in-game. Collect tokens and spend them on useful items to facilitate your adventure. Play through the story divided into chapters and undercover the truth about the forest Abberon och the tower.


Available on Steam 1 October

Final build 13-15 October

Beta testing 5-12 October

Early Access Release 16 October

Full release 30 may 2021

Early access start
Five story chapters
Randomized level generation
Randomized platform levels
Randomized loot
Skill system
A item shop that use only currency found in-game
Day and night levels
Handcrafted puzzle levels
Randomized enemy encounters
Seven enemy types
Player stealth
Win-streak system
Three save files

Added for full release:

* 1 more story chapters. 6 total.
* 4 types of puzzle levels: Falling floors (story), Twisted forest, The Tower of Sounds & Hunted maze (Story).
* A second secret ending been added.
* 3 story cutscenes.
* Perk system (Enigma) that give permanent buffs and access to new areas.
* The Level system has been redesigned. Players will achieve new levels much faster and can equip magic much sooner.
* More magic skill books.
* More monsters.
* AI behavior changes.
* New Elite enemy.
* Overhauled combat controls.
* New graphical options and other options for use in-game, like inverted mouse and cursor speed.
* A complete re-balancing of difficulty. The game is more fair in the beginning, but we kept the extreme difficulty in late game.
* More music.
* More SFX.
* Steam achievements.
* A winstreak system that adds new challenges for each successful run. Like harder enemies, more traps and thunderstorms.
* New game +.
* More 2D graphics for UI elements.
* Optimization of every level & systems.
* Finally The Tower can be entered and of course new secrets been added!

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